ASTER Multiseat Reset Trial 2024 v2.51

What is ASTER Multiseat?

ASTER is a shared computer access software solution that does not employ thin clients or terminal stations, hence it is similar to multiseat applications like MS MultiPoint, SoftXpand, Betwin, and Userful.

The ASTER Multiseat comes with Trial Version If you have not decided to buy our product yet, or if you have any reservations about its capabilities or compatibility with your software or hardware, we invite you to download and try ASTER right now with the trial version! And in this article we will also talk about how to ASTER Multiseat Reset Trial

ASTER Multiseat

How ASTER Multiseat Trial Active?

After installing ASTER on your computer for the first time (or after a windows re-installation), and you’ve established the installation identifier, a window will popup with three options:

To activate the trial or license, you’ll need an internet connection. If the machine is connected to the internet via a proxy server, choose the first option to allow ASTER to connect via the proxy. (See. Configure ASTER to utilize a proxy server. Click the second button to activate the ASTER license you bought. If you just wish to experience ASTER for 14 days, pick the last option to initiate the trial.

ASTER offers a 14-day trial period in which you may test the program’s full capabilities and decide whether to purchase a license. During the trial, the ASTER software will operate fully.

When there are a few days left in the trial period and you access the ASTER Control Panel, a window with information about the remaining trial days will appear.

When you launch the application after the trial period has expired, it will display a prompt asking you to activate the license so that you may continue using ASTER. We hope the 14-day trial was enough for the test, and that you will buy a license following. If you do not desire to buy a license at this time, you may uninstall the software.

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ASTER Multiseat Reset Trial 2024 v2.51

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