Typing Master Trial Reset v11 For Windows

Typing Master is an amazing app that will help you type faster and teaches you the right way to hold your hands and improve your other skills through different classes and tests. You can choose from a number of classes and actual tests, and the design is simple and easy to use.

But it comes with a Typing Master Trial Version Free Download that ends soon, which made a lot of users sad because they wanted to use it for longer. It says “pay to use more features,” but not everyone has to pay, so we made the Typing Master Trial Reset Tool to help you use all of its features for free.

Typing Master

WinZip Trial Reset Guide How to Reset

How to Reset Typing Master Trial, Step by Step

First, find the Typing Master Configuration Directory

The first thing you need to do is find the settings directory, which is where Typing Master saves important data. This is a very important part of the process, so be careful.

Step 2: Find the Configuration Folder and delete it

Find the folder that is special to Typing Master in the settings directory. The magic wand that ends the trial time is deleting this folder. Be careful, though, so you don’t delete anything by accident.

Step 3: Download the Reset Tool

Download Typing Master Free Trial Tool that’s link given below. after the download compete extract the file and run as administrator just simple now you have Typing Master Ultimate Free Trial Again

Step 4: Open Typing Master again

Now that the settings folder is gone, open Typing Master again. This will be a new start for the Typing Master Trial Version Key, Typing Master Demo Version Download For PC and you will be able to use all of its features again.

Typing Master Trial Reset v11 For Windows

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