Auto Lightroom Trial Reset

This is a short list of tools that will restart your Lightroom CC demo immediately. Giving you free use for life. This works with all versions of Lightroom CC before Lightroom CC 2019. This is just for learning, so please give creators money if you like their work.

Auto Lightroom Trial Reset

How Auto Lightroom Trial Resetter Works

Auto Lightroom Trial Resetter is made up of several tools and files. The main script only adds one to the trial serial number in the application.xml file in /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom CC AMT/AMT/. This makes Lightroom start over with your 7-day demo. Then, a plist file is added to LaunchDaemons so that Mac OS X can run the main script automatically every seven days.

The last script is the installation script, which just loads the plist into launchctl and copies all the needed files to the right places. This is safe because the software doesn’t save your password and the files will only be moved to system folders if you give it to it.

How to use Auto Lightroom Trial

You should be able to finish the installation after unzipping the file and running the launcher in terminal. You will need to enter your password as system administrator. Just look in the terminal window to make sure there were no mistakes.

Auto Lightroom Trial Reset

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