SmartGit Trial Reset 2024 Tool Download

SmartGit is a Git client for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It is free for non-commercial usage, offers graphical access to Git repositories, and supports Subversion repositories. This tool is overkill for basic Pull, Commit, and Push operations. Purchase your license once and apply it to as many devices and operating systems as you choose. There is no need to install or setup other tools.

SmartGit has connectors for GitHub, BitBucket, and Atlassian Stash to produce and resolve Pull Requests and Review Comments. Of course, you may utilize SmartGit 22.1 license file with your own repositories or other hosting services (such as GitLab).

SmartGit Trial Reset

And SmartGit Comes with trial version but i have tool that’s get reset trial the tool called SmartGit Trial Reset download it from the given link and also the trial reset method given below without key

SmartGit Features

  • Almost all local tree operations
  • Status, difference, log
  • Push, pull, and fetch (for all protocols).
  • Tag and Branch Management
  • Merge, cherry-pick, rebase, reverse, rebase
  • Stash management
  • Remote management.
  • Submodule Support
  • Advanced SVN support (using Smart Git as an SVN client).

Changing SmartGit’s Free Trial License to Non-Commercial

Some developers might overlook the license selection when using the SmartGit. Instead of choose non-commercial, they by default clicked Next on the “30 days Free Trial”. Worse thing is reinstall the SmartGit won’t get you to change the license.

To alter the license. First, go to

Windows: %APPDATA%\syntevo\SmartGit\
OS X: ~/Library/Preferences/SmartGit/
Unix/Linux: ~/.smartgit/

and remove the file settings.xml.

Then start SmartGit program again. This time you will be ask about all the Settings information, which including the license!

Also download tool from the download link that’s given below

SmartGit Trial Reset 2024 Tool Download

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