TransMac Trial Reset 2024

TransMac 2024 is great because it lets you view and open the files on Mac disks from Windows. t is a powerful program for handling Mac Disk Images DMG files, and you can use the MacBook to make and burn CDs and DVDs. It is a useful program for managing data that gives people full access to the file system that Mac computers use.

For TransMac to function properly, you will need a key. It does not come at no cost to test it out. Do not be afraid of us! When the TransMac Trial Reset Run is finished, this tool makes it simple to begin the process of resetting your case study from the beginning. This option is available for a trial period of one hundred eighty days. Quite a few are there.


How to Reset TransMac Trial

TransMac Trial Reset, since you can find this on the internet easily anyway, i decided to create this for you.
I know a lot of people wont like this, it’s essay anyway.

  • Download it for given download link
  • Run this whenever you want or put it in your startup folder
    (Win+R and type shell:startup)
  • For all other users, one time easy way to do it, open Regedit
  • Navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Approved\ or paste that in the address bar.
  • Select the key with a bunch of random numbers and delete all the values inside of it
  • Enjoy your TransMac reset.
    You can write a simple batch script to automatically delete those values on startup or just use the batch script i made.
TransMac Trial Reset 2024

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